market making excellence

Specialised for centralised & DEcentralised TRADING platforms

The Power of Advanced Liquidity Solutions

Market Making Engineered
to Drive Growth

specialised for centralised and decentralised trading platforms


ensuring seamless liquidity

market making excellence

Market Making Engineered to Drive Growth

The Power of Advanced
Liquidity Solutions

Balmoral Partners is at the forefront of transforming the market making landscape via our cutting-edge technology and advanced proprietary algorithms. Drawing upon our team's extensive expertise in traditional capital markets, we leverage our unparalleled understanding of market structures to provide a unique advantage in the realm of digital assets. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to navigate the complexities of this emerging market with precision and foresight.

By combining the best practices from traditional finance with innovative approaches specific to digital assets, we offer our clients a comprehensive and strategic perspective. This enables us to design and implement liquidity solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

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Insufficient liquidity presents a formidable challenge for market participants. Thin liquidity and wide spreads increase exposure to price fluctuations, market manipulation and the potential for exchange delistings.

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We make markets liquid and efficient. Leveraging decades of expertise, we create deep liquidity levels and tight spreads that supercharge cryptocurrency projects, exchanges and Web3 platforms, driving market growth and stability.

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forging connections & fueling growth

Discover Why Global Exchanges Choose Us

Exchange Integrations

We elevate projects through our all-inclusive liquidity solutions, amplifying market depth to facilitate seamless trading.

Tight Spreads

Balmoral Partners ensure low trading costs with tight spreads for buying and selling.

Deep Markets

We provide sufficient market depth to enhance price confidence and liquidity for seamless trading.

Custom Daily Reports

Receive tailored daily reports on market making operations and overall activity across all traded markets.

No Hidden Fees

We offer competitive rates and with full transparency. No hidden charges for our services.

Expert Support

Our seasoned team provides market knowledge and connections with exchanges or industry professionals.

24/7 Coverage

Continuous monitoring to offer liquidity and respond to market events, including weekends and holidays.

maximising algorithmic power with ai

Our Strategic Framework & Parameters

Balmoral Partners' proprietary algorithmic software rivals traditional high-frequency platforms, maximising performance and adaptability through seamless integration of open-source libraries.

Seamless Automation & Customisation

Our system provides extensive automation, enabling effortless customisation of spreads, depth to quote, skewness, position limits, and streaming quantity.

Adaptive Spread Multiplier

Balmoral Partners' adaptive spread multiplier automatically adjusts spreads to navigate through highly volatile market environments. This allows us to maintain robust liquidity levels while mitigating risks.

Predefined Liquidity Safeguards

To address potential liquidity challenges, we proactively establish pre-agreed shutoff mechanisms, including position limits and market event triggers.

AI-Powered Sentiment Indicators

Integrating cutting-edge AI technology, our advanced sentiment indicators act as early warning alerts for market volatility. These indicators provide valuable insights into market sentiment, empowering timely risk management strategies.

Reliable Stability

Our advanced algorithms ensure stable liquidity, providing a reliable trading experience without unexpected disruptions. These measures serve to mitigate unforeseen disruptions and ensure a stable trading environment.

Enhanced Market Confidentiality

To ensure utmost market confidentiality, we utilise randomised quantity, making it challenging for other market participants to discern our market maker orders.

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Token Liquidity for Investors and Exchanges

Empowering Crypto & Web3

Token Projects

We provide end-to-end services for token projects, encompassing the entire lifecycle. With world-class expertise in token issuance, management, and customised market-making strategies, seamlessly integrating with exchanges for enhanced market depth.



Balmoral Partners excels in tailored liquidity solutions for spot and derivative markets, enhancing market depth, efficiency, and investor confidence. Learn more about how Balmoral Partners provides optimised liquidity and improved trading opportunities.



We offer a range of comprehensive solutions designed specifically for cryptocurrency miners. From optimising exposure management to customised risk mitigation strategies, we offer expert guidance, liquidation and hedging services, and portfolio safeguarding.


Family & Financial Institutions

Our team specialises in facilitating the smooth execution of large cryptocurrency orders for financial institutions and family offices. By providing access to deep liquidity pools, we efficiently handle substantial volumes, reducing significant price fluctuations and preventing market disruption.


Advanced MM Algorithm Suite


Balmoral+ features state-of-the-art software comparable to traditional high-frequency trading platforms. With full control over our infrastructure, we offer flexible and customised solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Optimal Execution and Cost Minimisation

Embedded within our framework is a smart order router (SOR) that optimises hedge selection, considering exchange latencies and execution costs such as slippage and fees. This ensures the best possible execution while minimising costs.


Enhanced Functionality Modules

Our advanced trading system incorporates enhanced functionality modules, adding a layer of sophistication to our core market making algorithms.


Fair Value Pricing Across Multiple Venues

With Balmoral+ we can apply price mirroring across different venues, enabling intelligent computation of fair value (FV) prices for single or multiple instruments and venues. Additionally, we have the capability to synthetically create prices from two or more currency crosses.


Precision In the Details

Cutting-Edge Software for High-Frequency Trading (HFT) Setups

Proprietary Java-Based Low-Latency Trading Infrastructure

Real-Time Parameter Adjustments with User-Friendly GUI for Optimal Performance

Integration of Open-Source Libraries (LMAX, FIX, WebSocket) in Code Implementation

Configurable Position Limit Breaches: Safeguarding Algorithmic Trading with Pre-Built Controls

our streamlined process

Getting Started

01 Initial Assesment

- Objective and KPI Alignment
- Pre-Trade Analysis
- Account Creation
- Market Maker Program
- Strategy Definition

02 Implementation & Execution

- Hardware Setup
- Websocket Development & Testing
- Algorithm Configuration & Deployment
- Post-Trade Analysis Framework
- Algorithm Adjustments

03 In-Depth Reporting

- Customised Daily Reports
- Bi-Weekly Performance Reviews
- Responsive Client Support
- Complete Liquidation Service

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